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How can I transform graph image into a tikzpicture LaTeX code?

I'm trying to draw in latex but I can't. Don't spare your help for drawing in complex analysis. For example, how do we draw the following multiply connected domain in...


Mathematics Asked by Jonibek on 5 months ago

How Do I Get The Ifruit App Off Of Gta 5 / Grand Theft Auto 5

the category is not game development its just getting help on a game because im confused...


Game Development Asked by Shaun Synnuck on 1 year ago

Need help finding a book. Female OP protagonist, magic

Need help finding a book. A few years ago I read a book featuring a female protagonist where she gets transported to a parallel world and takes place of her...


Science Fiction & Fantasy Asked by 0 x 5 4 4 D on 2 years ago

Why is the WWF pending games ("Your turn") area replaced w/ a column of "Bonus & Reward"gift boxes?

The left portion of the screen usually lists "Your turn" games, and under that "Their turn" ones and recent win/loss history. Suddenly, it's been replaced with a column full of...


Arqade Asked on 2 years ago

Does Google Analytics track 404 page responses as valid page views?

I'm interested to know what counts as a valid page view. I would assume a server status code in the 200 range would be valid. And anything 300, 400, 500...


Webmasters Asked on 2 years ago

Why fry rice before boiling?

Ordinarily when I make fried rice, the general process is:Boil the rice until done.Fry the cooked rice in oil.However, I recently made a different rice recipe which flipped the order:Lightly...


Seasoned Advice Asked on 2 years ago

MouseLook Script "Pops" back to the last value when the script is enabled after being disabled or destroyed

I am trying to get a problem with a MouseLook script that controls my camera and a LookatGameObject script that also controls my camera when I want to force the...


Game Development Asked by cyo on 2 years ago

Unity app crashes when using unmodified custom Android manifest (didn't find class "UnityPlayerActivity")

Note: I find/replaced my actual company name with 'companyname' below for anonymity, it's not the actual package name I am using. I have Unity 2018.4.11f1 LTS and the platform I'm...


Game Development Asked on 2 years ago

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