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SWAP specific phase components of two qubits

Is it possible to perform an operation on two qubits with initial states as follows: $$q_1: 1/sqrt(2)(|0rangle + exp(0.a_1a_2a_3)|1rangle)$$$$q_2: 1/sqrt(2)(|0rangle + |1rangle)$$ To resultant state:- $$q_1:...

Asked on 01/03/2022

1 answer

Why I am not getting approximate equiprobable states in the following circuit on IBM Q simulator?

I have the following circuit which consists of symmetric modules. I compiled the circuit in IBM Quantum experience backend - ibmq_qasm_simulator, 8192 shots. The result is not equiprobable. Why? Since...

Asked on 01/01/2022

1 answer

Why are non-Clifford gates more complex than Clifford gates?

There are two groups of quantum gates - Clifford gates and non-Clifford gates. Representatives of Clifford gates are Pauli matrices $I$, $X$, $Y$ and $Z$, Hadamard...

Asked on 12/30/2021

1 answer

QFT on timeseries Data and compare results with classical FFT

Intention - To learn and apply QFT on time-series data and compare the result with classical FFT. Data Used - Small timeseries data of 16 points -array([ ...

Asked on 12/27/2021

0 answer

Can't append multiple times with self-defined oracle

import cirqdef set_io_qubits(qubit_count): input_qubits = [cirq.GridQubit(i, 0) for i in range(qubit_count)] return (input_qubits)def debug_oracle(input_qubits): yield (cirq.H(input_qubits[0]))def make_grover_circuit(input_qubits, oracle): ...

Asked on 12/18/2021

1 answer

How to create the logical $|0_Lrangle$ state for the Steane's 7-qubit code?

I don't know how to prepare using Qiskit the following state in order to implement a Steane's 7-qubit code circuit (I omit the normalization factor):begin{align*} |0_Lrangle =&|0000000rangle+|1010101rangle+|0110011rangle+|1100110rangle+\...

Asked on 12/18/2021

2 answer

What separable $rho$ only admit separable pure decompositions with more than $mathrm{rank}(rho)$ terms?

As shown e.g. in Watrous' book (Proposition 6.6, page 314), a separable state $rho$ can always be written as a convex combination of at most ...

Asked on 12/13/2021

1 answer

Is the gate-based model of QC universal?

I have heard this is the case but can not find a source even discussing this. Can any problem that can be solved by a Quantum Computer, also be solved...

Asked on 12/11/2021

2 answer

How do I build a gate from a matrix on Qiskit?

I'm creating a gate for a project and need to test if it has the same results as the original circuit in a simulator, how do I build this gate...

Asked on 12/09/2021

6 answer

Circuit for implementing Steane's code for Quantum Error Correction

I was reading about the Steane's code for QEC. However I could not find any implementation or circuit describing its creation. Can anyone share/explain how the Steane's code could be...

Asked on 12/05/2021

1 answer

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