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Delete query and left join with JDatabaseQuery doesn't work

I'm trying to convert a delete query with left join to use JDatabaseQuery, but I am encountering an issue in the query. The query that I'm trying to convert and...

Asked on 01/06/2022 by user3533235

1 answer

Add field to menu settings to output open graph image

I want to add a media-field to the menus settings to pick an image for each menu item and output this as open graph images. I see two options:I add...

Asked on 12/30/2021 by Mano Meter

1 answer

How to Submit detail page (edit.php) with random amount of data?

On my detail page edit.php I have a list of records. The user can select records by a checkbox and the number of selected records is not fixed, I mean...

Asked on 12/19/2021

2 answer

Fields component media field using absolute url instead of relative

I use the Fields component and I have a field "Media". You can choose an image this way. But this spits out a full tag. This should be no...

Asked on 12/11/2021

2 answer

Joomla not logging PHP errors to file with system default error_reporting

I'm using Joomla 3.9 with APACHE + PHP 7.0 with these settingsphp_flag[display_errors] = Onphp_flag[display_startup_errors] = Onphp_value[error_reporting] = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT & ~E_NOTICEphp_flag[html_errors] = Onphp_admin_flag[ignore_repeated_errors] = Offphp_flag[log_errors] =...

Asked on 12/11/2021 by Sandro Antonucci

0 answer

Edited css not updated in XAMPP

I am new to Joomla and just downloaded a template (from my company) and deployed it on XAMPP. When I try to edit the CSS and refresh the page, the...

Asked on 12/09/2021 by advait-varma

1 answer

504 Gateway Time-out on Update

Joomla 3.9.19 When I attempt to upgrade from 3.9.19 to 3.9.20 I am getting the following error after about 2 - 3 minutes after clicking 'update'.504 Gateway Time-out The server...

Asked on 11/27/2021

1 answer

Update from 3.9.x to 4.x

I want to try Joomla 4.x In the documentation for Joomla 3.x to 4.x Step by Step Migration it says:Select Joomla Next (This is the current...

Asked on 11/27/2021 by Lovntola

2 answer

Remove options of the Select with jQuery, replace these with new ones is working but how to update "chzn search" div with jQuery?

It is on the details page (edit.php), when I change a value from another dropdown field, I want to change the options of another dropdown (later by AJAX).For now...

Asked on 11/25/2021

2 answer

Joomla with Helix3 Framework, remove whitespaces above and below smartslider

I am designing a new site in joomla using helix3 framework. In the "about us"section i use smartslider 3 and what i need is not to have any white spaces,...

Asked on 11/20/2021

1 answer

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