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Joomla : Recent Questions and Answers (Page 7)

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Disabling cache on specific part of page from above comment

I am facing a problem in part of page of an extension on commentsWhen cache is enabled, there is some json token error due to cacheWhen cache is...

Asked on 09/14/2020 by Ruchika

2 answer

Custom Category Field

Using Joomla 3.9, although Custom Fields is now available, I am opting to do this in a plugin instead for reasons. I have created a plugin to hook into the...

Asked on 08/18/2020 by Grant G

1 answer


I have an issue with a cli php script that I'm trying to execute.I want to add an article with custom fields. The part where I add articles is...

Asked on 08/17/2020 by Aymeric KEYEWA

1 answer

How do I pass _JEXEC to a php file?

I have a form in my Joomla! site. Once completed, the form should send an e-mail but only if some conditions have been met. Not having been able to use...

Asked on 08/06/2020 by Firefighter

1 answer

How do I upload images to a specific folder (Component Backend)

I would like to know how I upload files to a specific folder through Joomla Administrator Panel (My Component Backend). I know how to do it in the site part...

Asked on 07/21/2020 by Thiago Guimarães

0 answer

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