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Why fry rice before boiling?

Ordinarily when I make fried rice, the general process is:Boil the rice until done.Fry the cooked rice in oil.However, I recently made a different rice recipe which flipped the order:Lightly...

Asked on 01/25/2022

4 answer

How fast does water cool off after boiling?

I don't have a kettle, so I use a cooking pot at home to boil water. I boil water on high in the cooking pot and as soon as...

Asked on 01/01/2022

6 answer

How to absorb/remove excess water that you've added to a dish?

My cooking style involves putting a bunch of ingredients (e.g. chicken, rice, mushrooms, tomatoes) in a pot, adding water and seasoning, turning on the heat, and coming back half an...

Asked on 01/01/2022

5 answer

Strong Yeast Taste on Japanese Milk Bread

I've recently started baking Japanese Milk Bread. However, each time I bake them they've always had a strong yeast taste and a 'wet' undone taste to the buns. How can...

Asked on 12/29/2021

1 answer

How to extract mouth numbing effect from Sichuan peppercorn into a syrup?

I tried following the recipe here to try to create a Sichuan peppercorn simple syrup. The recipe is basically to add slightly crushed peppercorn to sugar and...

Asked on 12/23/2021

2 answer

What are some clear honey and chili sauces in Chinese cuisine?

I used to go to a Chinese restaurant near my house for years and I usually ordered what they called "Hunan Chicken". It was breaded chicken pieces, similar to what...

Asked on 12/15/2021 by gnicko

1 answer

Sourdough Starter Very Runny

I think I'm having a problem making a sourdough starter. I'm using the technique from King Arther Flour I started with 113g of whole wheat flour and...

Asked on 12/15/2021

1 answer

Brine level goes down as pickles removed - top off or not?

I made some refrigerator pickles and they turned out great. However, as finished pickles are removed for eating, the brine level goes down and no longer covers the tops of...

Asked on 12/15/2021

1 answer

Is it safe to heat a sauce pan containing a glass bowl over an electric cooktop?

I screenshot 0:16. Won't the heat damage, shatter or explode the glass bowl? I'm not affiliated with that YouTube channel "missevabakes". ...

Asked on 12/15/2021 by user24882

2 answer

Why is water often added to the eggs when making omelettes?

Why is water often added to the eggs when making an omelette?Also, is there a recommended amount of water?...

Asked on 12/13/2021

3 answer

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