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epubcheck error: mimetype entry missing or not the first in archive

I have an ePub that returns "mimetype entry missing or not the first in archive" error in epubcheck, even though the mimetype file is correctly placed. How to fix that?...

Asked on 01/06/2022

6 answer

Can you advice reader (APP) for ebooks?

Can you advise a e-reader for e-books? For synchronization between PC (Windows) and smartphone (Android). Now I use FBreader for my phone and Microsoft Edge for PC. But it's not...

Asked on 01/06/2022

2 answer

How is math displayed on Kindles?

I'm guessing it's through MathML. MathML is a W3 standard technology for representing math as XML in documents. It's used on the web, and ...

Asked on 12/30/2021

1 answer

How to add external epub to Kobo Desktop?

My Kobo Aura HD H2O is "in the mail" so I'm trying to prepare for it by adding existing non-DRM ePub books that I already own. Ideally I'd like...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by mm2001

4 answer

Unable to purchase from UK kindle store (2nd Gen)

I'm having a problem purchasing from the Kindle Store in the UK with my 2nd generation kindle (3G). My account was originally with US store then moved to the UK...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by PeterI

1 answer

Removing identifiable metadata from azw3

Amazon's "Send to Kindle by E-mail" service lets me write a DOCX file, etc. then send it to my Kindle. It automatically converts the sent file into AZW3. But during...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by LWC

1 answer

Your Kindle is unable to connect at this time

Dealing with a new used K3 keyboard Kindle, it connects wirelessly and will even connect to Google for search results. However, whenever I try to login it...

Asked on 09/26/2021

1 answer

How to customize the font when converting from EPUB to MOBI with Calibre?

From within Calibre I generally right click an EPUB book, select "share" and send it to my Kindle address -- it pops up on my e-reader fine. I'd like to...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by Thufir

1 answer

How to create clickable table of contents in a PDF?

I have many technical PDF ebooks where there are no chapters (no clickable table of contents or other means for quick navigation through a document) and therefore it's really painful...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by Ondrej Janacek

13 answer

How do I remove a book from my Sony Reader?

I have lots of space left on my Sony Reader (a PRS-T1), but I also have a few books on there that I don't want to read again (or at...

Asked on 09/26/2021

3 answer

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