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Accessible voice controlled e-reader?

I am looking for an e-reader or Ipad app for someone with mobility issues. A voice activated system would be ideal. For example, a verbal "Turn page" command instead of...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by Hana Travers

3 answer

How to generate Kindle AZK on the command line from mobi/epub?

I'm trying to generate an AZK file from the command line. I need an AZK file because I need to test my Kindle books on iOS devices. These books are...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by Patrick Kenny

2 answer

How to destructively scan well preserved books?

How do I best destructively scan well preserved books, with the goal of reading them on dedicated e-readers, tablets, computers, etc.?...

Asked on 09/26/2021

1 answer

Can I make my ebook free while retaining the paperback available on KDP

I have a computer title as an ebook and a paperback on KDP. Because the book is about an open-source software I have promised to make the ebook free after...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by The Somberi

1 answer

How to bulk renaming ebooks

Is there a simple way for renaming a lot of ebooks, getting the relevant information from their metadata? Of course I can open the ebook, copy the data and renaming...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by mau

1 answer

Ho do I recover lost books in Kindle app?

Kindle asked me to do an update and I did it.Then I rebooted the computer and I lost more than 30 books.Then I asked explained a kindle expert...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by Giuseppe

0 answer

I've started created my epub v3 with Sigil, should I have used Calibre instead?

I'm new to creating ebooks. I have mp3s and mp4s that I want to include in my epub so I started off making an epub v3. I started with using...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by Mou某

0 answer

Code block formatting in KDP

I am planning to create an ebook and publish on Amazon (kdp) format. However,When I converted my rough copy to kdp . The code formatting was not up to the...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by Zeeshan Rafique

0 answer

Font not loading in Epub

I have this folder structure:./Fonts/chimod.otf./Styles/style.css./Text/main.xhtmlcontent.opftoc.ncxHere is the content.opf:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?><package xmlns="" unique-identifier="bookid" version="2.0" xmlns:dc=""> <metadata xmlns:opf="" xmlns:xsi=""> <!-- ISBN --> ...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by Lance Pollard

0 answer

epubcheck error: mimetype entry missing or not the first in archive

I have an ePub that returns "mimetype entry missing or not the first in archive" error in epubcheck, even though the mimetype file is correctly placed. How to fix that?...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by Allan Veloso

6 answer

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