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Calibre ignoring font settings?

I am using Calibre 2.49 on an Ubuntu machine and I noticed that in eBook viewer preferences, whatever font I set, calibre just displays the default font. I tried this...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by mayank budhwani

5 answer

How to sync mp3 audiobook to mobi ebook on Kindle for Android?

I installed Kindle for Android in my phone. I have ebook in mobi format and mp3. The mp3 is an audiobook for the ebook. I have put...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by JJ12345

1 answer

Is there any way to remove DRM from DAISY ebooks?

DAISY is a digital ebook format designed for blind and disabled people. There are two kinds of DAISY books, "open" books which can be freely read by anyone, and...

Asked on 09/26/2021

1 answer

Endnote formatting when using epub and kindlegen

I try to use ePub formatting as below. This is based on the output of the pandoc tool.<div id="chapter-two" class="section level1"><h1>Chapter Two</h1><p>Chapter two has just begun.</p><p>Here is a footnote...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by amoe

1 answer

How to rename epubs when the file name is a numeric string?

I have a number of EPUB titles that need renaming, from the likes of "1631214659.epub" to "Moon's Napa and Sonoma" and so on. They load into Calibre under their actual...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by Jonathan King

10 answer

DRM free book shop

I have just started to explore book market for English literature. I found that all of the big sellers use DRM. It's extremely inconvenient for me, as I have gotten...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by George Shuklin

5 answer

Kindle phrases dictionary

I recently bought a Kindle Oasis. Since I'm not a native English speaker, I'm using the dictionary option within e-books. I noticed that the default dictionary doesn't recognize pair of...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by dorsh605

0 answer

Authoring Kindle ebook from MS Word document - how to prevent pictures from stretching?

I am in the process of authoring a Kindle book. I am using MS Word for the authoring. I am following these steps for converting the .DOCX to .MOBI....

Asked on 09/26/2021 by Sau001

2 answer

EPUB 3 CSS stylesheet ignored in some cases?

I created a MOBI file using Kindlegen. I fed the MOBI file to Calibre and converted it to an EPUB. If I view the HTML files I used to create...

Asked on 09/26/2021

1 answer

Remove Kindle special offers as a gift

I found a deal on a Kindle with special offers that I want to send to someone for a gift. I don't have access to their Amazon account. Can I...

Asked on 09/26/2021 by chiliNUT

1 answer

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