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Extracting notes and highlighting from Kindle books

Is there a way to extract/export my notes and highlighted passages from books on a Kindle or in one of the Kindle reader apps? I primarily use the iOS apps...

Asked on 06/20/2021 by elixenide

5 answer

Highlights and notes are not save to my Clipping file

I regularly delete the My Clippings file in my Kindle when it gets too big. Usually a new one appears the next time I make a highlight or a note,...

Asked on 06/19/2021 by carllacan

1 answer

How do you manually start a restore from backup on Kindle?

Setting up a new Kindle Fire HD 10. I selected restore from backup from a slightly older (but still current) Fire HD 10, but progress was still at 0% after...

Asked on 06/16/2021

0 answer

Where is the best place to get Calibre?

If you search for Calibre you find multiple places to get this free ebook management tool from. I know some people have downloaded it and got lots of...

Asked on 06/15/2021

3 answer

Are any apps available for the Kindle e-book e-reader?

For a Kindle Paperwhite, what apps are generally available? Is there a calendar app? There are clear limitations with e-ink screens, but, are there not, or were there, apps...

Asked on 06/11/2021

0 answer

How to delete the comment in the pdf?

I've tried using Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat to delete a comment in a pdf file. The comment was restored the moment I deleted it. How to delete it?File:...

Asked on 05/26/2021 by Jackoo

1 answer

Kindle app takes up entire screen on windows 10 and I don't know how to get out of it

I just downloaded the Kindle app for my Windows 10 PC. When I open a book, the app takes up the entire screen. I can't see any of my other...

Asked on 05/19/2021

7 answer

collection shows as empty and refuses to populate -- not syncing properly

I had a few collections on the Amazon Kindle web interface populated with books purchased through Amazon, readable through the web reader. However, I wasn't...

Asked on 05/07/2021

1 answer

I want to see my collections first then also my additional books from library or new purchases

I want to see my collections for the first few pages and then also or next see my additional books from library or new purchases at the same time. NOT...

Asked on 04/30/2021 by RMC

0 answer

How can I left justify text on my Kindle?

I can't stand reading full-justified text, yet none of my Kindles seem to give me anything else! They all attempt to justify text even when the font size is too...

Asked on 04/21/2021 by Caleb

5 answer

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