How is math displayed on Kindles?

Ebooks Asked on December 30, 2021

I’m guessing it’s through MathML. MathML is a W3 standard technology for representing math as XML in documents. It’s used on the web, and this thread seems to suggest support in Kindles.

I tried verifying it by visiting a webpage with MathML demo (note: Chrome doesn’t support MathML, visit it on Firefox) and it didn’t render well on Kindle. Though that may be a limitation of Kindle’s experimental browsing rather than its ebook rendering

Does .mobi or any other file format supported by Kindle support math display?
If yes, then is it through MathML or some other technology?

One Answer

I dont have the kindle device but i am using kindle app. Kindle app can not read mathematical notations.

Few months ago i bought the book Old and New Inequalitites Volume 2 by Vo Quoc Ba Can and Cosmin Pohoata. You can clearly see from the pictureenter image description here I understood nothing. Luckily i had an vietnamese version free so i understood it. I am also giving the pdf i converted from a kindle book to pdf. Here is the link below

Old and New Inequalitites Volume 2

you will see why i hate kindle

Answered by Soham Chatterjee on December 30, 2021

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