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Why do background generators restart in a glitchy way, and how can I avoid it?

I'm seeing this issue frequently: if I'm using one of the built-in moving background generators such as Flow or Glimmer, the generated output sometimes glitches on boundaries of other visual...

Asked on 12/24/2021 by Kaitain

1 answer

How to reveal 3 masks with Stroke in After Effects

How to reveal this image with Stroke Effect in a single image layer? I created 3 masks using Pen ToolFor each...

Asked on 12/19/2021

1 answer

Looking for a laptop with the required performances to use the Adobe premiere software please?

I want to start learning editing, I'm looking for a laptop with the required performances to use the Adobe premiere software? Any advices please!...

Asked on 12/19/2021 by Med HAMMAS

1 answer

Make a transformed element remain static while other elements animate

We have a record button that needs to transform the middle element from a circle at rest, to a square when recording, as the outside rings pulse. We are having...

Asked on 12/15/2021 by Jason Van Anden

0 answer

Adding separate WebVTT files to FFmpeg HLS muxer

I've been experimenting with adding WebVTT subtitles to an HLS playlist, but I'm starting to ask myself if what I'm trying to do is actually possible.My main file is containing...

Asked on 12/10/2021 by t_bmn

0 answer

Record video to timeline during playback

Is there a video editing software that allows you to record video from a tethered device (like a webcam) directly to the timeline while the project preview is playing back?...

Asked on 12/06/2021 by rjgmore

2 answer

Edits to a Multicam Clip in Final Cut Pro do not Show Up in Timeline

I have a Multicam clip with about 8 different angles in Final Cut Pro 10.4.8, and have them automatically synced and made some manual adjustments to get all the clips...

Asked on 12/02/2021 by cecomp64

1 answer

Can ffmpeg be used to automatically tighten video by removing duplicate frames and quiet audio simultaneously?

I am working with gameplay footage from simulation games. Because they are simulations, even when well-optimized there are often framerate drops when the simulation becomes too computationally intensive for...

Asked on 11/25/2021 by hownowbrowncouch

0 answer

VHS Wobble After Effects

Does anyone know how to achieve the specific wobble of the VHS tape that can be seen here: (it's throughout the video, but you can best see it if...

Asked on 11/16/2021 by kurajber

1 answer

Find duration only with ffprobe in Windows

I want to find video file duration only with ffprobe butffprobe FILENAME.EXT 2| find "Duration:" does not filter output to show just the line with "Duration:"...

Asked on 11/16/2021 by K7AAY

1 answer

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