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How do the super resolution filters in FFmpeg work?

I need to incorporate a small amount of 1080p HD shots in a 2160p 4K composition. I'm not impressed by default upscaling techniques like lanczos/bicubic/trilinear; it seems like my television...

Asked on 11/29/2020 by Redsandro

3 answer

Convert jpg to video

I have a camera which when motion is detected uploads JPG files at roughly one a second — so I want to take them and convert them back to video....

Asked on 11/27/2020

1 answer

HVEC codec with a .mov extension

Specs for a job I'm working on is HVEC codec with a .mov extension. Media encoder only gives me the option to export HVEC as a .mp4. How do I...

Asked on 11/15/2020

0 answer

Premiere Pro audio muffled and distorted on export

I have a strange problem where my audio is very low, muffled and distored after exporting it from premiere pro. I tried a huge amount of export settings with different...

Asked on 10/19/2020 by Unknown User

1 answer

Particles flowing around an masked area

I want Particular in After Effects to animate a flow of particles moving from left to right and bouncing into the perimeter...

Asked on 08/12/2020 by Ad God

1 answer

audio jumps to next frame rate - premiere pro

I have the following problem: 2 video clips with two audio clips. I try to synchronize them with the option "show audio units" to make them perfectly alligned. The problem...

Asked on 08/06/2020 by Vincent

1 answer

FFMPEG Video loop from images files

I am trying to make a video from a bundle of image files and then apply a an overlay on top of it.Another requirement is to make the video loop...

Asked on 07/29/2020 by Nesan Mano

2 answer

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