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What's the best way to work with user defined tables / fields. Form or Sheet?

I am developing an app builder and need a way to build custom tables (user can create tables and custom fields with relations) There are two common approaches for the...

Asked on 01/06/2022 by Homam

1 answer

UX Task Success and Page views

I have a funnel setup for a page which tracks A,B,C button click to complete the task. You can only do this if there is an item on this page....

Asked on 01/06/2022

1 answer

Best Practice For Font Use in Mobile App Design

I'm currently designing an app using Figma and having had no prior experience am learning as I go. I appreciate both Android and iOS have their own design guidelines which...

Asked on 01/05/2022

2 answer

How to capture details of multiple items

I have to capture details of 30 sportsmen through a web form. Data can be the same for all the players but some could also have different values. I am...

Asked on 01/03/2022 by UXbychoice

1 answer

How can I show the relationship between two progress/health bars?

In a turn based game I'm building you manage a few resources, two of which are related.Speed: a frequently changing value that you consume over the course of a turn...

Asked on 01/03/2022

1 answer

How to display selected item in scrollable horizontal list

I have a scrollable horizontal card list. Only one card can be selected inside the list. How should the selected item be displayed from a good UX perspective? eg.With a...

Asked on 12/31/2021 by user3718908

1 answer

Purpose of this from the WCAG guidelines about text-spacing

I need help understanding this guideline about text-spacing. I'm wondering what is the purpose of these text style properties in the bulleted points. My understanding is that users should be...

Asked on 12/31/2021 by m.jung

1 answer

Ensuring users' email addresses are kept up to date

My site needs users to register with email addresses that are not freely available, like company or university email addresses. When users register, they get sent an email containing a...

Asked on 12/29/2021

3 answer

How would you define visual continuity in material design?

I was looking over and it often mentions continuity within different topics. Though it doesn't give a single definition. How would you define visual continuity in a few lines?...

Asked on 12/27/2021 by zcb

2 answer

How to show remaining time?

I'm developing a Q&A product.Answering form works like this:Each question has 2 answer slots.If you're writing an answer, you can take your time, butafter a few seconds of not...

Asked on 12/24/2021 by djilt

6 answer

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