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User Experience Asked by UXbychoice on January 3, 2022

I have to capture details of 30 sportsmen through a web form. Data can be the same for all the players but some could also have different values. I am using a checkbox (use same details for all) which allows to override values for all the players. I want to avoid a table for capturing the data of 30+ players as it will create clutter in the screen and there could be many input fields and even conditional inputs. So I believe a table is not the right tool.

But my solution has the following issues 🙁

  1. Only one player will be visible at a time
  2. The drop down is obscure. User cannot see which player is carrying different value.
  3. The long list of players in the dropdown (30+) is hard to navigate

Would like to get advice and any reference of a similar problem.

enter image description here

One Answer

This is an interface from mp3tag, a mp3 tagging tool. You have the selected songs on the right (table) and a form component on the left.

If all selected songs have the same value for a field, it is displayed as such (e.g. Year 2016). If they differ, it shows "" and if you click on the dropdown it will show you all the values found in the selection. There is also an option "" to clear the value for the whole selection.

mp3 tag interface

Answered by Nash on January 3, 2022

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