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How to elegantly say in Russian, "He was never to get what he wanted or, at least, what he said he wanted."

I got an assignment to translate the following text into Russian:But nothing in Voroshilov's carefully chosen words or courteous demeanor suggested the feverish activity in Berlin and...

Asked on 10/04/2021

9 answer

Нормально ли спросить "сколько время"?

Пусть неправильно по грамматике, но, если хочешь узнать где-то время, то нормально ли спросить "сколько время"? Меня не столько волнует граммотность, сколько естественно ли это звучит в повседневной речи. Может...

Asked on 10/04/2021 by Kanga_Roo

1 answer

Я помогу + написать or писать?

In my Russian textbook I came across this example:я помогу Татьяне написать письмо.Why is помогу used with the perfective infinitive? I was expecting an imperfective verb, because "writing" is a...

Asked on 10/04/2021

3 answer

Using вести/водить when talking about driving

I would like to know if it is acceptable to use вести/водить as follows, when emphasising who is/was driving :На прошлой неделе мы ездили в Москву, и я водил туда...

Asked on 10/04/2021

2 answer

'all of the' vs 'all the' : using весь

I want to say,Almost all of the weeds are in bloom.which, in English, can also be stated (improperly?) as,Almost all the weeds are in bloom.So far is that...

Asked on 10/04/2021

1 answer

С заглавной ли буквы пишутся названия вымышленных существ?

Прочитав Правила русской орфографии и пунктуации (1956 г.) п.96-99, я так и не смог понять, следует ли писать с заглавной буквы выдуманные автором названия существ или рас....

Asked on 10/04/2021 by user14793

2 answer

Is "Утерянные победы" really a good translation of the title of Manstein's book "Verlorene Siege"?

I recently shot through Manstein's Lost Victories in its English translation and later accidentally learned that the Russian translation of that book is titled ...

Asked on 10/04/2021 by Mitsuko

4 answer

Proper translations of "to cheat" here

I understand that questions that could potentially be answered by using the dictionary are frowned upon however there are multiple words that I see for cheating, which have overlapping meanings...

Asked on 09/17/2020 by Banach

6 answer
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