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What does "Бошетунмай" mean?

My friend (St. Petersburg born and raised) recently got a tattoo: I asked him what БОШЕТУНМАЙ ("Boshhetunmai") meant, and he said it was the...

Asked on 10/04/2021 by Dan Bron

3 answer

What are the rules of the locative case?

I understood the first time I heard about the locative that it was usually reserved for monosyllabic masculine nouns (ex. чай, дом, сок) with exceptions (кровь, дверь). However, I recently...

Asked on 10/04/2021 by Judicaël

5 answer

When and why did Asian and Southern people start to be called "чурки"?

Wiktionary gives eight different meanings as well as the etymological origin of the word "чурка": Meanings 1-4 are various small pieces of wood or metal, Meaning 5 is a simpleton...

Asked on 10/04/2021

5 answer

What is the meaning of: "- Отнеси кота на веранду. - Да уж лежит там."

In a recent test I had to translate the following:-- Отнеси кота на веранду. -- Да уж лежит там.My translation was:"Bring the cat to the verandah." "It is already lying...

Asked on 10/04/2021

5 answer

"Я считаю Пушкина более талантливым поэтом, чем Блок" or "чем Блокa"?

Here I am sitting late in the evening, struggling with a home test devised by a university teacher of mine, and here is a question in the test:Как корректно закончить...

Asked on 10/04/2021

4 answer

Russian word for female teacher

I am unclear as to whether the word for a female teacher is учитель, учительница or училка. I believe it could be the first as, although the word is...

Asked on 10/04/2021 by Bob Daley

4 answer

Geeky stuff - как это по-русски?

Geeky stuff - как бы вы перевели это выражение на русский? Поясняю. Это рубрика для статей о том как использовать то, чем обычно пользуются IT-шники (программисты, сисадмины и т.п. "geeks")...

Asked on 10/04/2021 by badbishop

3 answer

When is "это" declined?

The word "это" appears in texts quite often. But sometimes it stays the same no matter what word comes after it, or sometimes it's declined according to the word it's...

Asked on 10/04/2021

3 answer

Figurative meaning of в полосочку

I have read in various sources : «жизнь в полосочку» or «через полосочку в клеточку» Is this roughly equivalent to saying “life is up and down?” I’m having trouble finding...

Asked on 10/04/2021 by the_darkside

2 answer

What is хлеще the comparative of?

I read the following comment online:Не сомневаюсь, что и вы умеете выражаться, да ещё похлеще, думаю.From the context, I gather that it means I have no doubt that you know...

Asked on 10/04/2021 by CocoPop

1 answer
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