Should I do full body if I'm working out over 3 years?

Physical Fitness Asked by user12428738 on November 27, 2020

Can I build more muscles if I’m gonna do full body instead of split(which is, I heard, for athletes who use steroids)? And I hears that we need only 24-72 hours to fully recover and supercompensate. And how much times per week should I work out?

Some facts about me for better understanding

I’m working out over 3 years.

Height 6ft
Weight 205 lbs

Currently I’m using nitrobolon and hmb 3 times a day

Bench press 132lbs yep I’m suck at press
Reverse grip bent over row 220lbs 8 reps
Leg press 660lbs 10-12 reps
Barbell Curl 100lbs 8reps
Military press 66lbs 8 reps

Thank you in advance

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I think that you should look at the total volume done per week. You can structure it however you want based on your time available and training implements.

The workout is just part of an equation for muscle growth. Nutrition and recovery both play a major role too.

You can switch your routine to keep yourself excited and motivated. You can also play with the tempo of your lifts.

Hope these helps a little

Answered by Jun on November 27, 2020

According to several t nation articles online and personal experience, a full body, 3 day a week workout is the most efficient program you can do. T nation advises once your out of the 1200 club(500 lb deadlift, 400lb squat, 300lb bench press) then you shouldn't be doing a beginner workout. Unless youve already built a good strength base and want to work on more specific muscles.

The downsides are as follows:

  • cant focus on specific muscles or accessory muscles. While a well coordinated workout plan should workout all your muscles, you may want to give extra attention to your long head of triceps for instance, as it may be lacking, or your biceps or calves, forearms.
  • you only get about 1 exercise per major muscle group per day. if 4 to 5 sets of an exercise such as a bench press is no longer causing muscle gains, you need to work harder to cause microtears as your body is well adapted as this point. So adding a second or third exercise fixes this, but naturally you have to lift more days, and lower the frequency to two times a week(workout 4 days, but each muscle group gets workout out only two of those days). The downgrade from 3 to 2 days frequency can slow your muscle gains if you aren't ready.

Intermediate shouldn't be based on how long you've worked out but your gains and weight numbers. If you're increasing the weight, building a strong base, or haven't but high numbers yet, stay with beginning.

That said... If you want to focus more on smaller muscle groups such as focus more on lower pecs or both heads of biceps, or work on shoulders more, etc.. you need to do an intermediate workout as it'll allow for more exercises per workout. Another reason to switch is if you just aren't feeling the one exercise per muscle group does it. If you still get a good burn from 1 squat exercise and have trouble adding a second or third, then don't worry. If you could easily add a few leg exercises and do a back squat, leg press, and a set of lunges, you're probably quite ready for an intermediate workout. Make sure all your muscle groups are ready to move up though.

Based off your numbers, I completely ignore leg press as a lot of people don't do these correctly and lift ungodly amounts of weight. Just making an assumption. Anyways.. it looks like your legs, biceps, and back(posterior chain) are intermediate ready but your chest, shoulders, triceps are very very weak. You're almost lifting advanced bodybuilding numbers for your posterior chain but I would think your bench press for 8 reps should at least be 200 and shoulder press should be over 100 for 8 reps at least before moving on. I would try removing a back exercise and adding a push exercise, or adding a set to push exercises and removing one , or do a push muscle specialization training split such as the below:

Day 1, 4, 7

chest exercise

Secondary chest exercise

Shoulder exercise primary

Shoulder exercise secondary

Shoulder exercise secondary

Triceps exercise

Possibly second triceps exercise

Day 2, optional day5(you can cut one of these days out and do a maintainence day instead if you really want to pick up the slack, which is what I'd recommend, and focus on strength)

Back, leg, and bicep

Day 3, 6


Answered by Ace Cabbie on November 27, 2020

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