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Datasheets do not mention and explain enough about current

I'm trying to build my first IoT project. I'm using an L298 motor drive, an MCU-6050 6 axis gyroscope and accelerometer and an Arduino Due. When going through their datasheets,...

Asked on 12/31/2021 by Parsa Showkati

0 answer

Adding a base resistor in a common emitter amplifier

According to Wikipedia, a common emitter amplifier doesn't have big stability without an emitter resistor. When putting an emitter resistor gain is reduced. Why don't we put a base resistor...

Asked on 12/31/2021

4 answer

Voltage reversal circuit

My input is an SPST Dry contact with the closure of 0.5 seconds. I can energize the closure by 5 VDC if needed. The PCB runs on 5 VDC. I...

Asked on 12/31/2021 by Sam S

0 answer

Inserting transducer model into a circuit

I'm not looking for complex explanations on transducer modeling, rather lets assume we have a very simplified transducer model of basically an R and C in series: ...

Asked on 12/29/2021 by WHL

2 answer

Momentary switch for power?

The only switches I have every worked with are basic switches with on/off state, but I want to be able to add a power button to my project that is...

Asked on 12/29/2021 by cutlerr

2 answer

Multicard System Grounding

I am building a system with multiple PCB cards. The whole system has a Chassis Ground; connected to a main Power Supply reference.All cards will be powered in reference to...

Asked on 12/29/2021

1 answer

How to explain the peak frequency and resistance relationship in this op amp circuit?

I was studying thid tutorial by Simon Bramble. I changed the original circuit a little bit and this is the subject of our discussion: ...

Asked on 12/29/2021 by alpersunter

1 answer

Issue with n channel mosfet switching with an isolated gate drive

I am trying to make a n-channel mosfet switch a load from a high voltage (250V). I am using the n channel C2M0280120D mosfet. the circuit looks...

Asked on 12/29/2021 by NeuroEng

1 answer

Semiconductor diffusion current over time

Suppose you have an injection of holes into a semiconductor such that at some time you have this linear hole profile: ...

Asked on 12/29/2021

1 answer

USB charging 2S Li-On

How would you suggest charging 2S lion pack from any USB port? One thing is to Enumerate the USB port and decide how much current we can draw. There are...

Asked on 12/29/2021 by Tomáš Viks Pilný

3 answer

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