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How to attach a clincher connector to a FSR

How do you attach an Amphenol FCI "clincher connector" to a thin film force sensitive resistor? I see several sites selling these connectors explicitly for making it...

Asked on 08/09/2020 by Cerin

1 answer

Understanding addressing and size in memory map

TM4C123 has 256 kiBytes of flash ROM as shown in the memory map. The range of memory addresses for the ROM is 0x0000.0000 to 0x0003.FFFF (a 32bit address), totaled to...

Asked on 07/28/2020 by KMC

1 answer

Read 24 Vac signal with a Raspberry Pi

I want to read a 24 Vac signal coming from my old automatic gate with my Raspberry Pi. The signal tells me if the gate is OPEN->24 Vac or CLOSED->0...

Asked on 07/25/2020 by Riccardo Minati

1 answer

heat sink solution for light source around 1000°C

I'm going to use a infrared light source IR12k which can reach 975°C for my design. However, I'm not sure whether I can solder this light source...

Asked on 07/24/2020 by Ross

2 answer

Need help identifying wires on 3-phase single-volt AC motor (6 leads)

I'm far from an electrician. Just a guy trying to get some new life out of an existing piece of machinery. See the image below, this 5HP motor comes from...

Asked on 07/23/2020 by nachonachoman

4 answer

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