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Symbolic meaning red apples

I noticed that red apples seem to have symbolic meaning in Anime and I wonder if it is in line with western interpretations. Erased:After waking up in the hospital,...

Asked on 01/05/2021 by sbcordt

3 answer

Does air bending have a sub skill, and if it does what is it?

Water has the ability to heal, earth can bend metals, and fire has lightning. I am not sure if I missed what air had if it has any sub skills....

Asked on 12/29/2020 by Hakubex

3 answer

Why are Fairy Tail and Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest separate series?

Someone please explain why Mashima continued Fairy Tail under another title. Why is this under a different name when the 100 Years Quest could also be included in the first...

Asked on 12/28/2020 by Isilleyy

3 answer

Why did Nagato use 6 paths powers only?

When pain fought with naruto, he used rikudo powers only (Tendo, Ningendo, Chikusodo, Gakido, Shurado, Jigokudo). Why didn't he use another jutsu such as 5 elements perhaps? Nagato managed to...

Asked on 12/22/2020 by user516076

2 answer

Song in episode 14 of Ghost in the shell SAC 2nd gig

The song is played right at the beginning of the flashback, when the soldiers are walking through the ruins....

Asked on 12/16/2020 by appa-ate-momo

1 answer

Why are most isekai happening in a medieval world?

Why are most isekai happening in a medieval world? I have been reading some of these and I actually can't recall of any in which the story is happening in...

Asked on 12/12/2020 by AirOne

1 answer

What is Shanks relationship with the Gorosei

Why would the Gorosei allow a Yonko (Who is one of their biggest enemies) to come into their...

Asked on 12/12/2020 by Rumpelstiltskin

2 answer

How does Hisoka see Gon exactly? As a rival or as a toy to entertain himself?

Hisoka hinted that Gon is his treasure and also his prey, but it can't be both, right? Because in the end, he didn't want Gon to die no matter what....

Asked on 12/03/2020 by Crystal

3 answer

Was a scene where Kazuma gets fed up with the party and trades parties with Dust for a bit ever Animated?

I recently did a rewatch of KonoSuba with friends, but we remember a scene that doesn't seem to exist in the anime after Kazuma and friends fight the Winter Shogun:...

Asked on 11/24/2020 by GoodSirTheSir

1 answer

Why had Portgas D. Ace refused to take his father's surname?

Why did Portgas D. Ace refuse to take the Monkey D. name? What had his father done to him to resent him that much?...

Asked on 10/04/2020 by mikmik

1 answer

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