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What will happen to some specific anime if the studio who made those animes has gone bankrupt?

Crunchyroll and Funimation, websites that provide legal streaming for anime series, had licensed some anime like The World God Only Knows, Hayate no Gotoku, Gansta, Deadman Wonderland, and Ergo Proxy....

Asked on 10/02/2021 by Gagantous

2 answer

Is Kefla stronger than Vegito?

It was said that Kefla was strong enough to kill Ultra Instinct Goku when they fought. Also, a lot of power scalers in the Dragon Ball Community are saying Kefla...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by Chub Check

5 answer

Why Light didn't lose memory in ep31

In ep31, Light says he had misa sign off as the notes owner, and hence she loses her memory. In the earlier eps, it was shown that Light used misa's...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by Amit P

2 answer

What is the weird hand gesture that Kazuma does in season 2 episode 3?

At the end of season 2 episode 3 of Konosuba, around 20:47, Kazuma does a weird hand gesture during the celebration where he uses Steal. I feel I have seen...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by oppai

1 answer

Who taught Megumin Explosion magic? Is she mentioned anywhere in the LN?

I have read the KonoSuba Light Novel upto Volume.8 and also the Explosions aka Bakuen spinoff. In the start of the spinoff the writer mentions about a woman who used...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by Jayed Yeameen

1 answer

Can it be that Merus is the grand priest?

Here I saw this line. "However, Merus tells him that his doubts are now gone and asks Goku to follow him as he heads inside a...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by user50365

1 answer

What is the name of the song in episode 116 of Naruto?

It starts around 16:02 when Neji flashbacks him beating Lee. I've tried Shazam and listened to the start of every song in 2 different playlists (around 200 total, 150 different...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by Furretar

1 answer

In the Johto-based movie Pokémon Heroes, why do Latias/Latios appear?

Upon organizing my Pokemon movies chronologically I became confused as to where this movie lies. There was more evidence such as Misty's and Brock's presence as well as Totodile (Johto...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by Firenzar Frenzy

1 answer

What's Arthur power level when he uses the Excalibur sword?

In season 3 of Nanatsu no Taizai anime, by using the Excalibur sword, Arthur was able to face the strongest demons, Chandler, Cusack, Zeldris and Meliodas individually. But when he...

Asked on 10/02/2021

1 answer

Where should I start My Hero Academia manga after season 4?

My Hero Academia just finished its fourth season. I wanted to read its manga ahead. So, where does Season 4 end in the manga so that I can start reading...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by dolphin4567

1 answer

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