Weight capacity for 3/4" plywoood curvy board

Woodworking Asked by Sarah Daniele on May 23, 2021

We buit montesori curvy plywood balance boards. They are 36" x 11" deep by 3/4" thick. They are made of 3 layers of maply veneer plywood. I’m unsure of the exact classifcation of the plywood as I purchased it a few months agao from HD.

These balance boards are glued together and bent over a form. We have tested them adults atound 180lbs with no issue. But parents would like to know the weight capacity before purchasing and I’m unsure of how to get an accurate estimation. enter image description here

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You will be making these in batches of some sort, even if it is an evening of 2-3 items. Semi-regularly you pick one at random and test it using a test platform of some kind. Ideally you want to know the safe deflection mass, the mass under which it deforms and stays deformed, and the complete failure mass.

Keep track of this and then you can see how your small changes in material and manufacturing affect the overall safety and strength.

Your major worry is if there is a sudden failure mode that results in injury under slightly beyond "normal" circumstances. The only way to be sure is to destructively test each batch at random.

Answered by jdv on May 23, 2021

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