I am about to stain a new Redwood deck. Does anybody have first hand experience with a good stain for Direct/Heavy Sunlight?

Woodworking Asked by John Dangerous on May 8, 2021

I am about to stain a new redwood deck. Does anybody have first-hand experience with a good stain for Direct/Heavy Sunlight? I live in a hot and arid part of Colorado and we have used a few different stains on some older wood fences and decks. They all failed.

This year we built a new deck and I am about to stain. I have read the reviews on a lot of expensive and inexpensive stains. I can’t tell based on the even amounts of good vs. bad stains which one will hold up. I have read that oil-based is the way to go as opposed to water-based. We have a dog that frequents the deck and don’t want to see the trail from the dog walking up and down the deck.

Another question, I was reading here that you may want your deck to sit for an extended period of time before staining it. Is this recommended?

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I definitely would wait to stain...two-three weeks should be enough. The wood has natural oils in it so waiting gives it time to dry out. Personally, I would use a natural color of stain that's for direct Sun. Wish I could suggest a certain brand. I'm thinking if done carefully and done right you would probably be safe using any of the main brands. Good luck!

Answered by TAMMYE S on May 8, 2021

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