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Legs from 3/4 plywood.. load capacity

I am designing a 5'x6.5' loft bed. 4-5 years down the line, I'd like to be able to remove (or trim) and throw away legs ( and any under-bed furniture)...

Asked on 01/04/2022

1 answer

What type of wood can be used for a jigsaw puzzle?

I'm interested in making a planet puzzle for my toddler, and I'm wondering what woods I can use. The plan is to have a relatively large puzzle (3'x1') with large...

Asked on 01/01/2022

1 answer

What are the sound frequencies (Hz) of common woodworking machines?

I am trying to improve the sound insulation in my garage shop, and I gather that Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of different soundproofing solutions vary as function of Hz...

Asked on 12/19/2021

2 answer

Half-lap joints for day-bed build?

I'm building a 30"x80" daybed with a simple rectangular structure for the frame. I plan to use 2x6 pine cut to length for the frame. Please do not try to...

Asked on 12/16/2021

1 answer

Best finish for an outdoor woodworking bench

I'm building a workbench with a beech countertop.Originally I was going to finish the countertop with varnish on the bottom and linseed oil on top. However, I noticed that...

Asked on 12/14/2021

1 answer

Should I give my router a “break” between passes?

I’m using a Bosch 1617 on a Kreg Router Table. Should I ever let me router “rest” or cool down? Currently, I turn it on, make a pass, then turn...

Asked on 11/27/2021

3 answer

Ruggedizing eating table for dough-working operations

I've built this table as well as quickly sanded and lightly stained the top. It works well for a platform to eat from but is mostly unsuitable for preparing food,...

Asked on 11/18/2021

2 answer

waterproof an outdoor lettered sign

I recently was gifted a session at a Board and Brush establishment, and made a lettered sign which I wish to hang on the garden fence. I would like to...

Asked on 11/17/2021

2 answer

How can I seal/stain white cedar to make look similar to its original light color?

I made this white cedar chest & I want to protect it from rain and graying from ultraviolet (UV) sun exposure. I desire an oil stain or sealer because I...

Asked on 11/17/2021

2 answer

Flexing in middle of 3/4" walnut table top

I am building a table made out of 3/4" walnut. Right now, I have it on saw horses but will soon be attaching legs via cleats. The problem I am...

Asked on 11/17/2021

0 answer

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