Google Sheets conditional formatting based on cell above it

Web Applications Asked on December 6, 2021

I have a column of blank cells. If I type something into a cell, I want the cell immediately below that one to turn red. Any ideas for conditional formatting help?

2 Answers

follow this steps

select cell b1

set conditional Format, say for Column B

apply to Range: B2:B (>it will later correct to B2:B999 or max rows)

Format Rules

Custom Formula: =not(isblank(b1)) >>fill RED


if for some reason, like not selecting B1 at the beginning the formula (upon inspection) is different, pls correct to ...B1...

Answered by Apostolos55 on December 6, 2021

Try this custom formula: =not(isblank(offset(A1,-1,0)))

The only problem that I can see is that A1 is automatically highlighted, regardless of any value in any other cell

Answered by Tedinoz on December 6, 2021

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