what is the best software that can crop and trim video?

Video Production Asked by talad88955 on October 28, 2021

it needs to work with mkv files

has to have a gui because the crops are different for each video

should be lightweight, I don’t want to install premier just for this

2 Answers

I don't know if it is "the best" because that is a relative term. But a great option is VirtualDub2.

It is a GUI, preview the cropped result and you can directly stream the audio so it does not recompress for example.

You can also resample the rendered video because cropping changes the dimensions of it.

enter image description here

Answered by Rafael on October 28, 2021

For anyone wondering, Adobe Media Encoder is great for trimming and cropping large amounts of video at once. Drag video files into the window, choose a preset, and hit the play button. You can create your own presets to reuse.

However .mkv is NOT SUPPORTED.

Answered by anonymous on October 28, 2021

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