How to add location text character by character like in action movies?

Video Production Asked on December 31, 2021

For a video I want to add text character by character, including the beep-beep-beep alike sound, like common action movies do this when switching to a new location. Obviously, I don’t know how this is called and if it is military related, so I hope you know what I mean.

I already figured out how to generally add text, but I found no option or animation to introduce it character by character. Alternatively I would have to manually insert character by character; but this would be difficult to align properly (not vertically, but horizontally (proper character spacing)).

I though of using the subtitle feature for this. But if there is a more elegant solution, I would prefer to not using subtitles.

The software is Kdenlive 19.12.3 on Ubuntu 20.04.

I do video editing occasionally only; I am sorry for any misconceptions, wrong wording, etc in my description, therefore.


  • Unfortunately I am unable to find an example on youtube currently
  • Maybe there is an effect that is able to fade the text in from the left to the right as an alternative?

One Answer

I found a way:

  1. Add title text to video
  2. Add the Rotoscope effect to the title
  3. At timeline start of text: draw the rotoscope shape around the text (see below)
  4. At timeline end of text: add keyframe and move the shape behind the text (see below)
  5. Set the effect mode to Luma
  6. Add the Cairo Blend composition to the title
  7. Set the gradient mode to Add

Now the title text should appear from left to right. It does not appear character by character, but this is ok.

The rotoscope effect is quite mighty - this video teached me how to use it:

Additionally I found this cool sound, which is quite exactly I was looking for:

Answered by Nicolas on December 31, 2021

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