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Video Production Asked by MK. on December 26, 2021

I am looking for a 4K camcorder or DSLR camera for live streaming (tangential question: is camcorder or DSLR better for that?).
To have live streaming, I need pure HDMI output. Currently I do it with an old non-4K Canon camcorder and it works well, but if the camera restarts, I need to reconfigure it to have pure HDMI picture. I would like to hook it up in a wifi controlled outlet so that I can turn the camera on remotely and start streaming. So I need the camera to boot into pure HDMI output w/o me having to mess with the controls.

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First: 4k for livestreaming is pretty overkill. Please remember that your streaming device (your computer) and internet upload speed need handle this... AND to top things of not all of your viewers will be able to watch the stream in 4k because of their internet and missing out 4k devices.

Alpha Gaming (Harris Heller) is covering everything you want to know about cameras (and livestreaming) in video form on youtube.

Here are the most popular (and very professional but "only" 1080p not 4k) cameras for livestreaming with very helpful information: a sony should be your choice

And here are some additional information for you before you choose your camera and lense: equipment all around your camera

IMHO, this should be your question: How much FOV (field of view) and DOF (depth of field) do you want?

If you really want to live stream in 4k (only 30 fps) then the SONY A6100 should be a good choice.

Answered by MiTSCHO on December 26, 2021

Product-recommendations become out-of-date very quickly, but I would recommend the BMPCC4K. Black magic just came out with the 6k-Version of their pocket cinema camera and thus the price of the 4k variant dropped. All in all, I think that the BMPCC4K is one of the best cameras for this "cheap". You also have a HDMI-out that can be used for livestreaming. I'm assuming you're using something like the elgato usb camlink?

Answered by Florian Claaßen on December 26, 2021

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