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How to re-enable syntax highlighting in Vim?

Vim language highlighting has quit working only for one specific file. I've been using Vim in WSL (Ubuntu) for several months now without problems. My PC is Windows 10 Professional....

Asked on 01/01/2022

1 answer

Text to vim-quickfix with navigation

LaTeX, being a markup language, is very hard to grammar-check. I found one program, that do this exactly Textidote. Problem is, this is a standalone program and,...

Asked on 12/30/2021

1 answer

Execute autocommand only if buffer contains a pattern

Concrete example: When using React with Styled Components, I want to load the CSS snippets file. I could achieve this with:autocmd FileType javascript,typescript :UltiSnipsAddFiletypes cssHowever, I'd like to execute...

Asked on 12/30/2021

1 answer

add second column next to line number column

I would like to create a second column next to the line number column. It shall behave identical to the line number column, i.e., move up and down when scrolling....

Asked on 12/28/2021 by cmosig

1 answer

Append single-line register to many lines

I have a file;line;with;many;datastarteranother_starteryet_to_endcomplete;line;providing;information... and I would like to;line;with;many;datastarter;default;selected;data;for;initanother_starter;default;selected;data;for;inityet_to_end;default;selected;data;for;initcomplete;line;providing;information... My best try was to# get "b register filled by...

Asked on 12/26/2021 by Mat M

1 answer

Compiling Vim with python3 showing E370: Could not load library libpython3.7m.a

I have been trying to compile Vim with python3 on my Mac for many hours, as a result, it looks fine now, as the following:VIM - Vi IMproved 8.1...

Asked on 12/22/2021 by Songcheng Li

2 answer

How to display all buffer names in tabline?

How do I display the list of all buffers in the tabline? I am using the lightline plugin, with the following settings in my .vimrc:set showtabline=2let...

Asked on 12/20/2021

1 answer

termguicolors vs :terminal: incorrect colors being displayed

I'm having trouble with the colors of the the terminal windown opened by :terminal. I use a theme called PolarIce from ...

Asked on 12/16/2021 by Henrique Barcelos

0 answer

Is it possible to use word completion (e.g. `Ctrl-N`) in Ex mode?

I want to use word completion in Ex mode, similar to using Ctrl-N in Insert mode to complete the current word. Suppose, I want to do a substitution: :%s/<pattern>/<replacement>/gc. If...

Asked on 12/16/2021

1 answer

How can I repeat a custom function mapped using `vnoremap` using something similar to the dot (`.`) operator?

I have this custom function in my ~/.vimrc mapped to Visual mode using vnoremap. After having executed the function using <leader><space>, how execute it again using something similar to the...

Asked on 12/16/2021

0 answer

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