Linux on Omnibook 300

Unix & Linux Asked by Tomas By on December 3, 2020

Has anybody managed to install Linux on HP Omnibook 300?

All I can find on the web is this comment from 2005 or so:

HP Omnibook 300/425/430/530: Light & well-built, and run off of 4 AA
batteries without modification. From what I hear, non-standard PCMCIA
slots and hardware make it difficult to get Linux going, although
there are tantalizing rumors about it working.

The memory is in the range 4-8 MB, maybe 12. Storage up to 256 MB at least.

One Answer

If I recall well, the system on this computer (Windows 3.1) is stored in ROM (read-only memory), that's why it instantly starts. So it cannot be replaced with something else, eg Linux. It would need something custom, to call an OS stored on disk from Windows 3.1. Or switch the ROM chips with other ROM chips loaded with Linux somehow.

Also RAM and hard disk constraints. There are some floppy disk Linux distros / specialized systems, which could work with 8 MB RAM only, but it's either a very specialized task or a proof of concept.

Answered by Krackout on December 3, 2020

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