how to disable the memory ballooning from OS linux side instead to disable it from Vsphere side

Unix & Linux Asked by yael on December 5, 2020

on our rhel 7.2 VM server we have the following memory details

# free -g
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:             38          32           0           0           5           5
Swap:             3           0           3

what is interesting and amazing is that memory balloon take 25G

# vmware-toolbox-cmd stat balloon
25422 MB

as I understand memory balloon is the memory that ESX take from OS , and memory value can capture by the cli – vmware-toolbox-cmd stat balloon

if this is the case , then I want to ask if from Linux OS size we can disable the memory ballooning

because OS need the memory that is taking from ESX

for now we cant disable the memory ballooning from ESX size because some internal issues

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