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Unix & Linux Asked by ofperkins on November 25, 2020

Is it possible to make my Evolution tasks show up in the GNOME Shell Calendar?

When I pull down the calendar by clicking on the clock at the top of the screen (I’m using Fedora 20), it shows me the items I have entered into the calendar in Evolution. But it doesn’t show me the tasks I have in Evolution. For example, I have a task scheduled as due on 7 March. But when I click on 7 March in the GNOME Shell Calendar, it shows up with nothing scheduled. Is it possible to have the tasks displayed as well?

One Answer

For tasks to show up on your calendar in the notification you can sync your email account using the Online Accounts option on the gnome-control-center and select what you would like to sync (eg. email, notes, tasks, etc.).

Or you can use the gnome-calendar application and input the tasks there, the notification calendar shows the appointments from the calendar.

Answered by cesar.rickinho on November 25, 2020

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