UK visa from Germany as an Indian Passport Holder

Travel Asked by user113178 on December 16, 2020

I am an Indian Passport holder with a fiktionsbeseinigung (temporary visa) living in Germany past 8 months wanting to travel to the UK for 10 days to visit my uncle. I came to Germany for a job but have recently become unemployed thanks to corona and I want to visit my family in the UK and it has been really tough living here through the corona.

I have a sponsorship letter from my uncle and an invitation letter with his council tax and bill for me. I have around 6k pounds as my savings from my previous job. Is this sufficient to get me a UK tourist visa from Germany?

Also, do I have to show that he is sponsoring me and put in the exact amount he would be spending on me daily ? or can I just show my savings and his sponsor letter with documents and I should be good to go?
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