Transiting Ukrainian border rail station without papers for Ukraine

Travel Asked by Crazydre on December 1, 2020

I’m going from Cierna nad Tisou (Slovakia) to Budapest (Hungary) via the Ukrainian dual-border station of Chop, but cannot enter Ukraine.

The train reaches Chop at 12:00, and my connecting train, for which I have a ticket Záhony-Budapest, leaves Chop at 14:10, while the first train back to Slovakia leaves at 16:55.

Would the Ukrainians, as a pragmatic gesture, agree to kick me out on my intended connecting train rather than sending me back to Slovakia for the sake of it?

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I'm sitting in the "sterile" waiting hall at Chop as we speak - there are immigration booths for those embarking/disembarking here, in addition to checks onboard trains (for others). enter image description here Upon arrival, I got off straight away and was ushered into the waiting hall. There, I presented my ID and train ticket to a female border officer, explaining I'm going to Hungary on a train leaving in 2 hours. I was asked to sit down, and after 30 minutes a male officer came with the documents as well as an entry refusal letter for me to sign. I was told (in surzhyk) that I could just relax here and board the train as soon as it arrives, and show the refusal letter in lieu of a ticket Chop-Záhony (though I bought hryvnias in Cierna nad Tisou expecting to have to buy a ticket in Chop, apparently I'm not expected to).

So in summary, though you're obviously not supposed to do this, in practice it's not a big deal to them. Not sure how much it has to do with me being a "low-risk" national and/or the fact that there's not a soul here apart from the officers (and there was only one person other than me on the train from Slovakia)

Correct answer by Crazydre on December 1, 2020

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