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Former client/employer owes me (a contractor) money, reluctant to pay

I've found myself in a situation I've never really dealt with before.I used to work for a small startup in Hungary, as a contractor. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and...

Asked on 10/21/2021 by Rad1

4 answer

Is my boss required to inform me if one of our coworkers has coronavirus?

I work in a supermarket, about 800 employees between two stores. We are an "essential business" and have been open through the entire coronavirus pandemic....A newspaper article came out...

Asked on 10/21/2021

3 answer

How to avoid discussing salary during initial screening, leaving it for the end of the interview process?

During recruitment, I thought the best thing to do about salary is to leave discussing it at the very end, when you have "sold" yourself to the hiring manager and...

Asked on 10/21/2021 by Monoandale

10 answer

Not getting feedback from the employer

I am working as a scientific project manager in a small startup Pharma company. Unfortunately, I have realized that  I am not getting any kind of feedback from my team...

Asked on 10/21/2021

2 answer

What happens if I sign more than one contract and make my decision later?

I am getting many interviews in the recent weeks. I might get nothing or more than one offer. Imagine I get two or three offers and couldn't make my mind....

Asked on 02/01/2021 by pnatk

3 answer

Should I report co-worker I suspect of embarassing/pranking my employer publicly?

My company has had some issues since November, when some managers decided it would be a good idea to "promote" several senior scientists and engineers in the company (by giving...

Asked on 01/31/2021 by Banh

6 answer

Is wearing earplugs at a startup odd?

I work as a software engineer at a startup with an open office. We have a Bluetooth speaker that blares "cool tunes, bro" all day, people hold loud meetings or...

Asked on 01/28/2021 by woraf

5 answer

How does my employer benefit from accruing vacation for long-standing employees?

At my company we accrue vacation days per month. This means I will never be able to take a week off early in the year. I've been with the company...

Asked on 01/22/2021

3 answer

If a coworker is mean to me, and I do not want to talk to them, is it harassment for me not to talk to them?

I do not get along with a coworker A, but we work together and don't let it stop us from getting tasks done. Coworker B is dating coworker A. Coworker...

Asked on 01/19/2021

5 answer

How to provide feedback about subtle gender policing

Background: I'm a senior engineer on team A who, back in February, jumped onto team B to take over a project I had zero familiarity with due to the existing...

Asked on 01/17/2021 by manzana

3 answer

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