How to put training I've been doing during the COVID 19 outbreak on my resume?

The Workplace Asked on January 2, 2022

A few weeks into COVID-19 stumbled upon an entrepreneurial classes. In doing so I’ve learned how to do websites, web hosting, and internet marketing. Mind you this is only "training." The people designing the course explicitly state that they expect those taking the class to do the work… which I’m now getting around to doing.

But this training should (over time, as I understand more by doing) should make me a more valuable employee.

But here’s the kicker… it’s not an official "school" per se, yet (at least to me) the training is invaluable, as I’ve been wanting to do these things, but have had neither the time nor the finance to do so.

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I graduated in December, a fresh CS graduate looking for a development position. I had a lot of on-the-side type skills like this that were meaningful to me and to my development, but weren't necessarily a university or an accredited course.

Consider adding an 'Independent Experience' section to your résumé. For me I included semi-related skills that were impressive, but not necessarily IT related. A website I had built for home automation, a database I manage for a small company, and some trivial Python programs I had written. Additionally, I even included hobbies like rebuilding cars, and included an achievement I've reached with this in the last year.

This section was easily the most talked about in each of my interviews. Employers want to hear the professional qualifications you possess, but showing that you have drive and wherewithal outside of work to build and see your own projects to the finish is very attractive. Most wanted to see the website, even if it wasn't for a front end position. You can easily bend these into talking points, building cars is a bit like development, it takes attention to detail, critical thinking and a whole lot of resilience. They love seeing the human side of you, and how you apply your everyday skills to how you function at work. Include it.

Answered by C.j. on January 2, 2022

If it's not an accredited program with recognised certification it has limited value. Possibly if it had some positive result you could show in some way it might be more useful. Otherwise it's basically just something you did to pass the time.

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Answered by Kilisi on January 2, 2022

If it were me, I wouldn't put any of it on my resume unless I earned some type of degree or certification.

How does this make you a more valuable employee or job candidate? Have you learned demonstrable real world skills from these training and mentoring programs that you can put to use for the immediate benefit of your current or future employer?

Is the mentoring program from a recognized program or institution? Does the mentoring program carry any weight or influence in your industry? Does the training program carry any weight or influence in your industry? Do either of them carry any weight or influence in general?

At the end of the day, how does this training and mentoring put you in a position of being noticed above the tens of millions of other people doing the very same thing? Will this training and mentoring bring any real and immediate value to your current or future employer?

I'm not trying to discourage you from pursuing further education and skills, and this is not a knock on you. I applaud your commitment to furthering yourself. I'm just saying that LinkedIn Learning courses and paid mentoring programs wouldn't carry much weight with me, and so I personally wouldn't put them on my resume.

Answered by joeqwerty on January 2, 2022

Put the name of the organization that trained you under education, and what you studied, like this (apologies for formatting)

**The NARF group............................................-2020

.....Advanced widget formation

Answered by Old_Lamplighter on January 2, 2022

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