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Feather Identification Help

Hi everyone, I found this feather in a field in Malmo, Sweden a few days ago. The only birds of prey I've seen around...

Asked on 12/17/2021 by Pine

2 answer

How can I fix joint between shoulder strap and chest strap?

In an attempt to fasten the chest strap, the plastic clip that keeps it joined to the shoulder strap came out. Any ideas, on how I can fix this mess?...

Asked on 11/21/2021

6 answer

Do birds eat chillies? Do they feel the chilli heat?

We had a few white browed bulbuls visit us recently. One of them seemed to have a peculiar interest in the chillies that grew in one of...

Asked on 11/17/2021 by Ricketyship

3 answer

What type of wasp or bee is this?

I've seen bird & animal watching and behaviour is listed among the accepted topics. The question is maybe borderline, but I haven't found another stackexchange site for it. Please, feel...

Asked on 11/05/2021

1 answer

Best uses for a twist-lock carabiner

I've been shopping for a tri-state self-locking carabiner for clipping into personal anchors but made a mistake and ordered a twist-lock 'biner instead :)Since product return is a hassle...

Asked on 10/22/2021

3 answer

Climbing indoors: emergency situations

We should always do the partner check and tie a stopper knot, but... Lead climbing:If you are half-way up a climbing wall and see that your knot, which attaches...

Asked on 10/22/2021

1 answer

Do golden color pine trees associate with the name of Fluffy?

I went to a nursery over the weekend and purchased a golden colored pine tree. The nursery was calling them Fluffy Trees (picture below). This tree name really makes...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by Rose Schaer

1 answer

Do gaiters prevent ticks?

Do gaiters (that are NOT soaked or factory applied permethrin) worn around the ankles while hiking prevent ticks from getting into your pants and onto your skin?...

Asked on 10/22/2021

2 answer

Finding a way for my mother-in-law to use her wheelchair on rough terrain?

My mother-in-law needs a wheelchair when she's out and about, and my father-in-law pushes her. She also has chronic back pain, so while she's okay in the chair on pavement,...

Asked on 10/22/2021

4 answer

Keep seeing this bug in our house

We keep seeing this bug in our house. Finally put a dead one in a bottle and took a closeup picture. The actual size is about 0.25 inch (6mm) long....

Asked on 10/22/2021

0 answer

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