How can I solve this problem with MikTex?

TeX - LaTeX Asked by user239733 on May 9, 2021

this is my first time using LaTex. I installed the basic-miktex-20.11-x64 and the basic-miktex-21.2-x64(latest version), in both cases I got the same error. I tried with two different editors and the error was the same:

Sorry, but "MiKTeX Configuration Utility" did not succeed.

The log file hopefully contains the information to get MiKTeX going again:


2021-04-13 19:33:48,695+0100 FATAL pdflatex.core - The memory dump file could not be found.
2021-04-13 19:33:48,695+0100 FATAL pdflatex.core - Data: fileName="pdflatex.fmt"
2021-04-13 19:33:48,695+0100 FATAL pdflatex.core - Source: LibrariesMiKTeXTeXAndFriendstexmfapp.cpp:715
2021-04-13 19:33:48,695+0100 FATAL pdflatex - The memory dump file could not be found.
2021-04-13 19:33:48,696+0100 FATAL pdflatex - Info: fileName="pdflatex.fmt"
2021-04-13 19:33:48,696+0100 FATAL pdflatex - Source: LibrariesMiKTeXTeXAndFriendstexmfapp.cpp
2021-04-13 19:33:48,696+0100 FATAL pdflatex - Line: 715
2021-04-13 19:33:48,696+0100 INFO  pdflatex - this process (5184) finishes with exit code 1
2021-04-13 19:33:48,699+0100 FATAL pdflatex - major issue: So far, you have not checked for MiKTeX updates.

In the C:UsersdellAppDataLocalMiKTeXmiktexlogmakefmtpdflatex this is in the file:

! LaTeX3 Error: File 'UnicodeData.txt' not found.

For immediate help type H <return>.
l.28153   }
!  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

I tried to update the package database of the Unicode-data but I got the error: Transferred a partial file

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