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TeX - LaTeX Asked by EmiliOrtega on July 22, 2020

I’m really struggling with this because I’m trying to put my aux files in a folder when they’re compiling but it doesn’t work… I’ve read a lot of post here about this but none is working for me

This is the error I get

enter image description here

I put these commands in texstudio config and it worked yesterday but now it doesn’t work anymore and that error appears..

This is my config in texstudio

enter image description here

if I restore the default config it compiles perfectly… but I don’t like having all aux files with my .text files

I read people say thay I could use " ltx2any " but it requires Ruby … and I don’t want to install more things if my own editor can do what I really need.

If you can’t see the images with the commands, these are the commands I used:

*Pflatex: –aux-directory=build

in Texstudio: pdflatex.exe -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode –aux-directory=build %.tex

*Bibtex: -include-directory=build

in Texstudio:: bibtex.exe build/% -include-directory=build

*Biber: -include-directory=build

in Texstudio:: biber.exe build/% -include-directory=build

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