Separate pppoe session for each user windows, is it possible?

Super User Asked on January 5, 2022

There are windows, 3 users work in it at the same time, how to make a separate connection for each user? The problem is that when one user connects, the rest automatically join this network, but need to be separate. How can this be done? Any Windows OS interests.

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If you have multiple users signed in to the same Windows system (I'm assuming it's Windows Server?), as far as I know you cannot achieve this using ordinary VPN connections – the routing changes are always global for the entire system.

You might need to use the "Always-On VPN" feature (which requires IKEv2) in its User Tunnel mode, but even then it's unclear from documentation whether this system actually supports multiple concurrent tunnels. (And of course it requires having your own server, not a third-party VPN service provider.)

Answered by user1686 on January 5, 2022

Use a router that connects to a LAN port on the ISP Modem and that allows separate connections by the users. VLANs can do this and is probably the most practical way. Configure the ISP modem (or the router) to make the PPPOE connection. The exact setup depends on your ISP. Then connect the 3 Windows Computers to the router (one computer on each port).

If the business has a setup with 6 IP addresses (common), you could use an IP for each user.

Answered by John on January 5, 2022

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