Send email from gmail alias with ssmtp or other

Super User Asked by cclloyd on February 23, 2021

I’m trying to set up alerts for some services on some of my linux servers. So I looked into ssmtp package.

I can use it to send emails from a gmail account I made for my services. And since I own a google domain, I decided to do an email alias, [email protected] with it redirecting to the gmail account I just made.

I then, in gmail, set it up so I can send emails from that address by adding it as an inbox alias, logging in with the gmail account I made (the same account it’s being sent to), and verifying the address.

So now, in gmail, I can send and receive emails from that address.

But how can I make it so I can send from that address in other programs other than gmail, such as ssmtp?

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