Running servers in the same room with a washing machine

Super User Asked by nextgenneo on December 24, 2020

Just moved into a place with a giant utility room. Was planning on sticking a couple of racks I use to host stuff in there but the washer / dryer is in there.

I’ve heard that the bleach used to wash clothes breakdowns and the air in there would be bad for computers (corrosive to metal)? Is there any truth to this? What would you recommend?

On a side note the heat issue in that room will not be a problem.

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Find a way to create a smaller room inside that one. There are many problems in putting all together:

  • Heath and humidity problems from the dryer/washer.
  • Possible corrosive chemicals and residues (soap, bleach, lint, etc). It all gets in the air.
  • Electricity problems (electrical motors have huge effects on the electrical quality of a circuit) that will force you to have a decent UPS + fuse boxes and etc.

If you create a smaller room you can make it have better air/temperature and electricity installing a second circuit or putting measures between the dirt energy from the outside and the clean energy on the inside. It also helps on security, since there must be heavy traffic of people on the "laundry" area.

Correct answer by coredump on December 24, 2020

Top of my list would be getting a separate power circuit for the computers - washing machines/dryers can make the line very noisy. And, of course, you were planning to install good quality UPS anyway?

Answered by symcbean on December 24, 2020

This is a very bad idea, a utility room with washers and dryers will not have proper HVAC. Dryers put off massive amounts of heat, I don't see how you think it won't be an issue. We also have to think about corrosive chemicals that will be in the air. Also Electrical motors play hell on the circuit, making stable power impossible. As far as security, how many people will have access to your servers? How many might pull out cords to see what they do? There must be a better place to put your servers...

Answered by Jacob on December 24, 2020

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