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Super User Asked by Festus on December 6, 2020

Whenever I need to create a template for business documents (e. g. concept papers or documentation), I have to place some generic graphics such as the company’s logo here and there. Since Microsoft added support for SVG starting with Word 2016, I’m using SVG images in may documents since then without any problem (as long as there is no text inside).

Usually, this works just fine, but now I stumbled across a problem: I placed my company’s logo in a Word document. In Word itself, the image is displayed as a vector graphic perfectly fine, but when I export the document to PDF using Word’s integrated export function, the logo gets converted to a rastered graphic with poor quality.

I tried several other SVG images in that same document and they all work as intended. But I didn’t manage to get my company logo to work correctly. I have several versions of that logo available, but none of them work. It’s always the same behavior: In Word, everything works well, but after doing the PDF export, I get a rastered graphic in the PDF file.

I tried to recreate the SVG file from the source files (EPS, PDF) with all the options available in Adobe Illustrator, but I didn’t manage to get it working properly. Even though this wouldn’t be an option in the end, I tried to print the Word document using several PDF printers (Microsoft’s builtin PDF printer, Adobe PDF printer, PDF24 printer). But the results is exactly the same. 🙁

It has to be a problem with the image files itself, but I’m running out of ideas now. I converted the files back and forth and also tried some converting tools available online, but nothing changed.

I am using Microsoft Word 2019 (included in an O365 subscription) in the newest version available (2010).

I’m looking forward to your ideas. Thanks for your help! 🙂

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