Preferred network available, but still prompted

Super User Asked by Mike Pateras on December 20, 2021

Very frequently, when I wake my Macbook up, I’ll be prompted to select a network, as “none of my preferred networks is available”. Yet, my home network, very much a preferred network (I can see it in the list of preferred WiFi networks in Network Preferences), is right there in the list, and my computer won’t connect unless I select it.

How can I get my computer to recognize my preferred network (which it is clearly aware of) and stop asking me to join it?

I’m running Mountain Lion v10.7.3 on a Macbook Air, and am happy to provide more information as needed.

Thank you.

One Answer

I had a similar issue with my MacBook Air, but it was fixed after I disabled Bluetooth from System Preferences. Others have changed the Wi-Fi channel in their router's preferences. There's apparently some issue with interference between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Answered by Lri on December 20, 2021

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