Powershell || Cannot Change Cursor Shape

Super User Asked by Zigg on August 20, 2020

Changing the Cursor Shape with the radio buttons in the powershell properties does nothing. Microsoft has hardly any documentation for editing the Powershell_profile.ps1, and zero references for commands that can be used to edit the Powershell terminal settings within the PowerShell_profile.ps1 file. All I have discovered how to do in this file is to change the window title of Powershell.

The default powershell cursor is horrible. How do I change it to where the changing the setting will actually do something?

One Answer

The PSReadLine module seems to be resetting the console properties every time when you change. Run Remove-Module PSReadLine to remove the module, console properties including cursor shape/size/colour would stay, but you will lose ReadLine features.

Correct answer by Wasif Hasan on August 20, 2020

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