Outlook 2016 hangs when opening emails with some SharePoint links

Super User Asked by I Z on October 10, 2020

I get emails from time to time that have links to SharePoint docs. I noticed that in some cases, I would get the "contacting the server" window as shown here which would not go away for 10-15 minutes even if I click Cancel. Outlook would be unusable until the window goes away. It appears that this happens only when the link is to a Word doc (as opposed to Excel, for example). None of the solutions described in the Microsoft page linked above helped.

Is there a way to stop this?

I am using Office 2016 on a Win 10 machine

One Answer

From the perspective of the Outlook client, it is suggested to set your Automatic Download settings a bit more stricter and see if the issue has any difference. Please check the information in this article:Contacting Server for Information.

Correct answer by Jeff Yang7 on October 10, 2020

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