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Super User Asked by Mark Stewart on November 27, 2020

We currently use Atlassian’s Wiki software to manage our software’s requirements. Our software supports over 100 clients with a variety of customizations, so the ability to quickly "diff" two versions of specifications for a client is extremely important to do easily, and the Wiki software makes it quite easy.

Unfortunately, there is a push for us to move documentation to Microsoft Teams. It seems like it would take a fair amount of work to look at the current document in MS Teams, and grab (usually) the previous version (or sometimes 4 versions ago, etc.), and look at the changes between the two.

I was wondering if there is an MS Teams App, or the possibility of coding such an app, that whenever a file was added or updated in MS Teams, the app would add/commit a copy of the document to an SVN Repository so the changes would be in a Software Configuration Management system, allowing easy version history compares.

So far, I’ve searched for MS Teams Apps for "Subversion" and found a couple links that talk about "Connectors" – one that mentions Subversion, and another for a GitHub connector. Unfortunately, the connectors seem to allow other software to post notifications to an MS Teams channel. I want MS Teams to send documents to SVN.

Now I know precious little about MS Teams, but I understand that behind the scenes it is just a "pretty" interface to SharePoint. Is it possible to have that sort of feed? Any examples of MS Teams Apps that do something similar?

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