Is there a difference between access points in household and in commercial premises?

Super User Asked by mr_incredible on November 13, 2020

In terms of hardware design is there any difference between a router in regular household
and router in commercial premises such as fastfood place or a mall ?

To make my question little bit clearer do any of the above need to be switched off to "rest" ?

One Answer

Neither commercial nor domestic networking equipment must be switched off at any time. They can run for years without issue.

The only slight gain is that power-cycling them every so often can free up any 'stuck' ports or stale DNS entries, etc, so it doesn't hurt to have them switch off then back on again, either for 10 mins overnight, or at weekends. With domestic equipment, this can also clear up some of the tiny memory they have too.

Correct answer by Tetsujin on November 13, 2020

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