How to update the Table Of Contents in Word Online?

Super User Asked by dr_ on November 6, 2020

Is there a way to update the Table Of Contents of a document inside Word Online (Office 365)?

The only solution I’ve found consists in clicking the button EDIT IN WORD to edit the online file with the Word application installed locally, update the TOC there, then go back to Word Online, but it’s a damn twisted way to do so.

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Editing it in the Desktop version is the only method available at this time.

I agree it's a twisted method.

Correct answer by Rich Michaels on November 6, 2020

In Word Online, first make sure the cursor is somewhere within the table of contents, then choose the menu item References | Table of Contents | Update Table of Contents.

References | Table of Contents | Update Table of Contents

(If the cursor is not in the TOC, then that menu item will be inactive and grayed out.)

Answered by Bahman Engheta on November 6, 2020

If you go to the references tab, you can select, update table of contents.

Answered by Tom Jaycocks on November 6, 2020

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