How can I modify the "schedule scan" to be disabled? (don't have permission to disable)

Super User Asked by RampageDiamond on December 7, 2020

After running powercfg /requests, it seems that DeviceHarddiskVolume3WindowsSystem32MoUsoCoreWorker.exe is responsible for my computer not being able to sleep/stay asleep.

I’ve located the process to schedule scan within the task scheduler, but am unable to disable it as I get an error

the user account you are operating under does not have permission to disable this task

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MoUsoCoreWorker stands for "USO Core Worker". The shorthand USO stands for "Update Session Orchestrator".

The Orchestrator is part of Windows Update. Its job is to verify that all the components of Windows Update are running well. If you have turned Windows Update off, it will turn it on again.

Apparently in your case it is waking up the computer for a check by Windows Update. It is supposed to afterward return the computer to the sleep state, but evidently Microsoft has here a bug.

Disabling the Orchestrator is not a good idea. You may configure Windows Update to do its check during the day, to an hour when the computer is usually not asleep.

Answered by harrymc on December 7, 2020

You can try the following:

Download PsExec extract it to a directory.

  1. Right-click cmd "Run as Administrator".
  2. cd to the folder where you extracted PSExec
  3. Copy the command "psexec.exe -i -s %windir%system32mmc.exe /s taskschd.msc" and paste in the cmd window, press enter.
  4. In the Task Scheduler Library, Right click the task and click Disable.

Answered by Gerhard on December 7, 2020

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